Mission Statement


To improve the quality of life of the residents and visitors within the Mill Creek Fire District and mutual-aid districts by providing protection of life and property threatened by medical emergencies, fires, accidents and severe weather conditions. Our services of fire suppression, rescue, pre-hospital basic life support, ambulance transport and fire safety education will be pursued with determination and resolve and deployed in an innovative and cost-effective manner.

Our quality of service will be achieved and maintained by strict adherence to the values and principles of:


We will maintain respect and compassion for all those in need of services regardless of age, color, religion, national origin or economic status.


We will treat each and every call for assistance as though the citizens we serve were evaluating our personal and professional reputations.

Team Work

We will conduct ourselves in such a manner as to promote harmony, loyalty, trust, cooperation and a spirit of pride among our fellow members.


We will encourage an atmosphere of learning, training, skill development and constant striving to innovate and improve.


We must provide a quality level of emergency response based upon proactive and sound economic and efficient practices commensurate to the risks posed and the service expectations.


We shall commit to a comprehensive health and safety program that recognizes the hazards of our profession and to policies that protect the health and encourage the well being of our members

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